Parenting Support

Our mission is to provide practical help and caring support to those making important decisions regarding pregnancy, parenting, and sexual health issues.

Parenting Classes

Pathways of Pella offers Heritage Builders, a program designed to help you prepare for motherhood. Through individual counseling, educational materials, and material assistance before and after pregnancy.

FREE Material Assistance (based on availability).

  • Diapers NB-size 4 (limit once a month)
  • Cribs*
  • Car seats* newborn only

* These items require attending education sessions. All items are based on availability and can only be obtained by the primary caregiver (parent(s)) coming to get them. Items for babies cannot be given to friends or extended family members.

You will be asked to come to six parenting classes over a 3-month period. During these sessions, we will discuss various parenting skills. 

You’ll watch videos and work through the printed material, working with a trained peer counselor. After completing the classes, you will qualify for a new crib ($150 value) or a new car seat ($100 value).

Open: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 10 am – 4 pm

Example Training Videos

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