Free Prenatal Ultrasounds

We Provide Free Ultrasounds 

Following a positive pregnancy test diagnosis, we will then provide a FREE early prenatal limited ultrasound. This information will empower you to make the best decisions throughout your pregnancy.

Schedule an appointment today for a FREE pregnancy test and ultrasound. 

Ultrasounds are important because they tell you many significant things:

  • How far along you are in your pregnancy
  • Determine the presence of a heartbeat
  • Rule out a tubal pregnancy

What to expect during your ultrasound 

A pregnancy appointment will range between 45 and 90 minutes. A registered nurse who has undergone specialized training in sonography will perform your ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the nurse will walk you through the process and explain the findings.

After the ultrasound is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your nurse and continue to plan the next steps. Your support person is welcome to come with you to your appointment whether it be a significant other, friend, or family member. E-mail or call us now for more information or with any questions: or 641-628-4827.

Schedule an
Appointment Today.
Schedule an Appointment Today.

Schedule an Appointment Today.


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